Prime Focus on Date Palm Business

  • From World recognized experts to Field Agronomists with extensive hands on and academical experience
  • Experienced and specialized in every part of, as well as integrated,  Supply Chain and Value Chain
  • Extensive Extensions Services experience in multi region, multi climate, and conditions
  • Experienced in Food safety, Food security, Climate impact, Hygiene, Standards and World Certifications for quality and compliance.

Our vision

A world major provider of high-quality Date Palm End to End Supply Chain Production & Marketing Consultation Services to Date Palm Stakeholders based on Shared Revenue Basis”.

Our Mission

“To develop and improve Date Palm supply chain, as a whole or in parts, to help Investors/Owners reach Date Palm export quality products, thru revenue/profit sharing technical and commercial consultation services”.

Our Objectives

Empowering Date Palm Production

Seeking to increase the Date Palm produced quality and value of money to consumers

Aiming to enrich the health of human being in the world

Targeting export quality to compete in the local and World markets

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Focus on Date Palm Business'